As winter’s cold and wet grasp is felt around Cape Town, practice times leading up to this race have been hugely exciting. Lap records are being unofficially broken practically every week as horsepower-friendly weather sets in, assisted by Killarney’s new surface also coming into its own.

If the prospect of lap records isn’t enough to have you salivating for the 4th WPMC regional coming up on Saturday 15th June at Killarney, there will be a couple of extra classes doing their thing too. Kid ROK and OKJ join the fray this weekend as they practice for the upcoming ROK National at Killarney on 22nd June.

Get ready to race!

Bambino (5 – 9 Years)

Jordon Wadeley (EMR Kartsport Top Kart) has been one of the finds of the 2019 season across all classes. He now leads the Bambino championship in his rookie season, leaving some of the other competitors scratching their heads.

Luan Mostert (AMV Group / DSD Group / Donadio Plant Hire Top Kart) and Rayan Karriem (Top Kart) are currently the leading head scratchers, lying 2nd and 3rd in the championship respectively.

Kai van Rensburg (7 Films Top Kart) lies 4th in the championship and will look forward to racing against the likes of Nikolas Louw (Top Kart), while keeping a keen eye on a potential podium spot depending on the action at the sharp end.

In what will surely be a crowd favourite, this class offers two roses among the thorns. Rebecca Wadeley (EMR Kartsport Top Kart) will welcome fellow girl driver Riley Stier (Top Kart) as she breaks plenty of hearts, but hopefully not her kart, in her debut race.

A field of 7 entries means exciting times ahead for the Bambino class!

Kid Rok (6 – 10 Years)

The Kid Rok class is the youngest of the Rok-powered classes and will see at least five drivers battle it out this weekend.

Local boy Luan Mostert (AMV Group / DSD Group / Donadio Plant Hire Kosmic) was National champion in Kid Rok in 2018 and will take the fight to up-country visitor and current National championship leader Luke Hill (Praga).

The pace will be frenetic with the likes of Adam Kajee (iCubed Capital / Adams Discount Store Formula-K), Myles Krause (FA Kart) and Grayson van Zummeran (Mtati Projects Praga) equally keen to make the most of the Cape Town practice time.

Rotax Micro MAX (7 – 12 Years)

Reese Koorzen (Kosmic) leads the championship after three rounds, but the momentum is with Reza Levy (EMR Kartsport CRG) after he took a clean sweep of victories at the most recent regional. Their battle is the stuff of legend at Killarney karting and will no doubt continue to deliver wonderful racing this weekend.

Joshua Smit (Dart Motors / S&S Racing Kosmic) lies third in the championship ahead of Ethan Deacon (CRG) and Ethan Lennon (Kosmic). Julian Booysen is also expected to join the fray on Saturday.

Mini Rok (8 – 13 Years)

The entry list ahead of next weekend’s Rok National is predictably magnificent, with 15 young karters ready to race.

The regional championship is currently tied for the lead by Lucas Royston (Tony Kart) and Joaquin de Oliveira (Eastside Cartel Tony Kart), with Jason MacBeath (Kosmic) Joshua Smit (Dart Motors / S&S Racing Kosmic) and Ethan Lesson (Tony Kart) next in line.

Up-country drivers KC Ensor-Smith (Praga) and Nikolas Roos (RKT) have been locked in an epic battle in Northern Regions races and will bring that tussle to Cape Town alongside our fastest local drivers.

Jayden Goosen (PTA Noord Toyota / Impak Kosmic), Luke Hill (Praga), Moosa Kajee (iCubed Capital / Adams Discount Store Formula K), Ghazi Motlekar (iCubed Capital / Adams Discount Store Formula-K), Daniel von Zummeren (Mtati Projects Kosmic) and Mika Abrahams round off the list of visitors for this WPMC regional.

Class newbies Eric Norman (Kosmic) and Jude Stuart (Zanardi) are in for the race of their lives with so many other karts on track.

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Rotax Mini MAX (9 – 13 Years)

Ethan Stier (Stier Racing Team / Flatline SA / Tri Brake & Clutch CRG) leads this class and will be making sure his team pays him enough attention this weekend despite the added challenge of his sister entering her first Bambino race.

Jason MacBeath (Kosmic) is second in the championship, 20 points behind Stier. Next up are Mikhail Fernandez (CRG), Valentino Hoffman, Paul Malcolm (CRG) and Mischa Williams (Zanardi).

Although there are only 6 drivers in this class, there will still be plenty of entertainment on offer.

Rotax Junior MAX (12 – 15 Years)

Troy Dolinschek (Makita Power Tools Kosmic) leads this insanely competitive class from Tate Bishop (ANGRI Kosmic) and Kyle Visser (RKT FA).

Joining them on track this Saturday will be usual suspects Storm Lanfear (Private Client Financial Kosmic), Thaqib Meyer (Itheko Events Tony Kart), Luca Wehrli (FA) and le Riche brothers Andre (Seleka Racing Kosmic) and Kyle (Seleka Racing Kosmic).

Keep an eye out for one of the toughest battles for the win that you’ll see on the day.

OKJ (12 – 14 Years)

Rok’s 125cc OKJ class slots in above Mini Rok and delivers high speed racing and large fields in Northern Regions racing and at National level.

Jarrod Waberski (D.A.W / Praga SA Praga) and Josh le Roux (Kosmic) will be scoping out the track as practice for the National and will run with the Clubmans class on the day.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more Cape Town-based drivers popping up on the entry list before Saturday, as they refine their OKJ packages ahead of the National.

Rotax Senior MAX (14 Years +)

Charl Visser (RKT FA) goes into this race enjoying a commanding lead in the championship from Kai van Zijl (Unlimited Auto Kosmic) and Simon Simpson-Heath (MF Consultants Kosmic).

Reece Oellermann (CRG) will be itching for racing action after missing the last race due to Matric exam pressures. Much like the West Indian cricket team (but perhaps not the Proteas), on his day he can truly beat anyone.

Storm Lanfear (Private Client Financial Kosmic) and Andrew Thomas (Blake Brothers / Carbs and Coffee Media CRG) will no doubt have their usual battle, with Storm’s sister Jade Lanfear (AOCon Consulting Engineers Kosmic) returning to the track this weekend.

Rotax MAX 175 (32 Years + or >85kg in your shorts)

The three drivers in this new class continue to race their hearts out at every Regional, despite the races currently not qualifying for championship points as a minimum of six drivers is required.

With positions changing practically every lap, entrants Johan Hamman (Kosmic), Gary Lennon (Tony Kart) and Jared Jordan (Jordan Racing CRG) will put on a highly entertaining display as they run behind Senior MAX on the day.

Rotax DD2 (15 Years +) and DD2 Masters (32 Years + or >85kg in your shorts)

Usually WPMC’s largest class, the DD2s never fail to deliver breathtaking action.

Jason Coetzee (CRG) leads the DD2 championship from Jonathan Thomas (CRG) and Sebastian Boyd (Boyd Boss Freight). Dino Stermin (Phoenix Risk Solutions Tony Kart) lies fourth in the championship but certainly has the pace to fight for the win, much like any of the top four drivers.

Jarryd Evans is getting closer to the top four with every race while Waldo de Wet (Kosmic) continues to improve in his debut season.

The DD2 Masters championship is incredibly closely-fought, with just four championship points separating leader Conor Hughes (Tony Kart) and Roy Gruer (CRG). Marco Viegas (Paper Perfect CPT Tony Kart) lies third ahead of Ernst Viljoen and Harry Georgiou (DDR / Carbs and Coffee Media Zanardi).

Andre Steenkamp (Carbs and Coffee Media CRG) will look to upset the running order further up, while Rob Peché (Carbs and Coffee Media / AD Trading CRG) will hope to hang on to the rest of the field for a few laps longer each race.


Jared Jordan (Jordan Racing Zanardi) will once again race in Clubmans in addition to MAX 175, where he will duel with brother Michael (Jordan Racing Arrow).

Sean le Riche (Seleka Racing Kosmic) brings a rare father-son combination to the entry list while Dylan Pelton and Ross Middleton will look forward to only their second-ever outing.


It’s an action-packed programme this weekend with two extra Rok classes squeezed in. Do yourself a favour and get down to Killarney!

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Issued on behalf of Western Province Motor Club (WPMC)