Karting isn’t just special in South Africa – it’s special globally. 

In case you don’t fully appreciate the purity and raw competition of karting, we remind you what a rather famous racing driver in a bright yellow helmet once said:

“For those who like racing, I advise the karting and to do it with love and dedication”
– Ayrton Senna

If it could entertain Senna, it will entertain you.

As you read this, over 100 of the top karters in South Africa are preparing for battle at the Celso Scribante Kart Track in Port Elizabeth. It may be called “The Friendly City” but you can rest assured that there will be nothing friendly whatsoever about the action into turn 1.

This is Round 2 of the Rotax MAX National Championship and all is still to play for as these drivers compete for a seat at the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final to be held later this year in Italy.

The trick to finding your mojo on Celso Scribante is to look after your Mojo tyres. The track is notoriously abrasive, with huge drop-offs in performance based on tyre wear. Driving fast is always important, but so is driving a smart race.

As we prepare for the sweet sound of 2-stroke to engulf Port Elizabeth, you can get a taste of things to come with a recap of the action from Round 1 in Cape Town: