The 2019 edition of the Cape Town Motor Show brought an exciting mix of machinery to a Cape Town population that is famous for having a deep-rooted and unique car culture.

When the first sight that greets you at the entrance is a tandem drifting demonstration, you know you’re in for a fun afternoon.

One of the stars of the show was the custom MGB built as a Sebring tribute with a 3.9l Rover V8 engine by Cape Kustoms. A raffle over the course of the weekend saw one lucky attendee walk away with the keys to this unique machine:

Speaking of giving classics a twist, Harper Sports Cars used the show to test interest in their extraordinary Fiat project, with flared wheel arches and probably an Alfa Romeo Busso V6 turbo engine when all is said and done. Mighty mouse indeed!

Feast your eyes on the automotive happiness that is the Cape Town Motor Show, which truly offered something for everyone:

See you in 2020!