At Carbs and Coffee, we like pretty things. Pretty things with engines.

In our eyes, classic cars, modern classics and racecars are all art. Since the start of the 2019 season, we were lucky enough to be allowed to use the incredible images of David Marchio in our race reports, a photographer whose talents have been admired far and wide.

David has elected to hang up his lens for the time being, a decision which we firmly respect despite the fact that we will miss him terribly. His enthusiasm in the paddock will be missed just as much as his galleries in our race reports.

He always said that he felt honoured to be featured on Carbs and Coffee. David, the honour was entirely ours. Thank you for bringing your Marchio Magic into our lives.

As a tribute to his talents, we’ve included a gallery below of some of our favourite images. Hopefully we will see more of this artist at the track in years to come!


Micro MAX

Mini MAX

Mini ROK

Junior MAX


Senior MAX

DD2 + DD2 Masters