Carbs and Coffee aims to be a socially responsible petrol-head community. We want to bring like-minded petrol heads and enthusiasts together. To create a space where we can interact in a positive way, share our passion and learn from each other. Perhaps most ambitiously, we want to ignite a passion for cars in all others we encounter, in all the towns we stop for breakfast, on all the roads we drive to get there.

To achieve these lofty goals we need to conduct ourselves in a way that reflects the core values of the Carbs and Coffee brand. There are too many car clubs out there turning the general public against petrol heads by simply behaving like hooligans. We need to show the world that we can drive respectfully and still enjoy our cars the way they were built to be enjoyed.

This Code of Conduct is to be our guidelines towards achieving our goals and building the best car community in South Africa.

Social Conduct:

  1. Members of the Carbs and Coffee community will, at all times, treat each other with respect. Whether on the website, our social media platforms or our WhatsApp Group, always remember that we have more in common with each other than what separates us.
  2. Members of Carbs and Coffee will treat all members of the general public with the same respect. Even though they may not share our views on cars, how we treat non-members reflects the values of the C&C brand.
  3. On all Carbs and Coffee public forums, we will try to keep bad language to a minimum.
  4. Carbs and Coffee is a car enthusiasts community and so all communications should be on this topic. The following topics and types of posts will NOT be tolerated:
    1. Religious Content
    2. Political Comments
    3. Pornographic Images
    4. Any Discriminatory posts.
  5. As Carbs and Coffee is a commercial entity with paying advertisers, NO other advertisements will be allowed on any of the C&C platforms without express permission of Carbs and Coffee.
  6. Members who participate on our social media platforms and Whatsapp group are entitled to an element of assumed privacy. As such we ask that no member share any conversation, or part thereof OR any images or videos, from any of our platforms with any other groups or individuals without obtaining permission from all other persons involved.

Driving Conduct:

  1. Carbs and Coffee members on organised runs are to consider themselves as representatives of the Carbs and Coffee brand.
  2. We condemn in the strongest possible terms driving in a manner that may endanger other road users or members of the public.
  3. All drivers are to remain in complete control of traction at ALL times during organised runs, as well as when travelling to or from such runs. That is to say that all wheels must remain in a state of traction. Carbs and Coffee will not tolerate any of the following on public roads:
    1. Burnouts
    2. Spinning
    3. Donuts
    4. Drifting
  4. When visiting race tracks, all drivers will adhere to ALL rules and regulations of the facility, especially in terms of safety requirements.
  5. No racing of any kind will be tolerated on public roads. Racing between members will only be permitted on designated race tracks when cleared to do so by Carbs and Coffee administration and the facility’s management.
  6. Slower vehicles/ drivers should give way to faster vehicles, both on runs and on during track days.


  1. Members will always conduct themselves in such a way as to reflect positively on the Carbs and Coffee brand.
  2. When using public facilities, members should always clean up after themselves and leave the facilities in the same, or better state as they were found.