Bastille Day is an annual celebration in France that is mirrored right here in Franschhoek in the Western Cape. As the wine farms in the area rolled out their white, blue and red decorations, a fair number of white, blue and red motoring decorations descended on the village…

Sentimetal Productions hosted a gorgeous run out to Franschhoek Motor Museum which is always worth a visit if you are in the area.

Let’s start with some badges to get you excited…

Muscle cars are normally V8 engines paired with automatic gearboxes. Dodge gifted the Viper GTS to the world with a V10 engine and manual ‘box. Thank goodness they did. It was more than slightly special to see the only 2 in South Africa (apparently) parked side-by-side:

American power was a feature of the run, with plenty of horsepower on display:

Fans of European cars certainly weren’t disappointed, with a gorgeous selection of the best European marques represented on the run:

What did the Carbs and Coffee crew attend in, we hear you ask?

9,000rpm of pure Japanese goodness.

Finally, a nod to two very special cars that we haven’t seen before at the museum. The first is an icon thanks to Hollywood:

The second is the ultimate Honda. You know you are in a special place when you get to see Ayrton Senna’s influence reflecting a car that bears the name of perhaps the most influential figure in sports cars…NSX meets Enzo:

Vive la Classique Revolution!