About Us

Meet the petrolheads behind the site.

Carbs and Coffee is a movement. It’s a journey. It’s the stories of petrolheads chasing their automotive dreams and living their passions.

Our focus is on classics, modern classics and club racing. We are there for the passionate few who understand that a car is so much more than its purchase price or 0-100km/h time. We know the feelings of anguish and elation that come with every project car. We entirely understand the sensation of lining up for a race, full of nerves about what could happen at turn 1.

With our community of petrolheads in South Africa, we strive to create motoring art. The world is our canvas and iconic cars are our brushes. We hope to inspire you into taking the plunge and buying your first classic, or driving something a little bit special to work every day. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a club racing driver, but you just aren’t sure how…

This is us. This is you. This is a world of magical machines and the people that create the magic. Most people won’t understand your crazy passion, but we do.