Sunday morning was the last Carbs and Coffee Breakfast Run of the year. Rather surprisingly, we had an outstanding turnout. One of the reasons Carbs and Coffee is such a cool little Car Community, is because we have such a variety of cars on one breakfast run! This week we were graced with the presence of everything from a humble Mazda MX-5 all the way to a Porsche 911 Turbo. From an Alfa Romeo Brera to a super-fast Chev Corvette. From a one of a kind (in South Africa) AMG Mercedes to some home built Harper Sportscars and Lotus 7’s. A little bit of everything from every era.

We met at the BP garage at the foot of Sir Lowries pass to gawk at eachother’s cars and shake hands. We then made our way through Gordon’s Bay to Clarence Drive. Clarence really is everything you could ever want from a driving road. Lots of tight twisty corners, beautiful scenery and fantastic restaurants at either end! Unfortunately there are always a few people with SUV’s who seem to feel the need to play the part of rolling speedbump with a blind refusal to get out of the way.

breakfast run

Either way we managed to have a couple of decent clear runs and a great drive overall. As always, the best part was simply sitting down to breakfast with an awesome group of like-minded petrol heads and and swapping stories of drives gone by.

The good news is, we already have plans for more runs happening next year! Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

breakfast run

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