Carbs are back. In a big way.

Let’s get the fattening variety of carbs out the way first. In an effort to bring petrolheads together while respecting both the law and the spirit of social distancing, a smart Capetonian has come up with the concept of Park ‘n Pizza.

These invite-only events (to avoid fools who can’t avoid introducing M-powered donuts as a food group) look set to become a favourite of ours. You can see yourself from the pictures that a wonderful group of cars attended the first event, representing practically every type of car that we love from all over the world.

As terrific as the pizzas were, they weren’t my favourite carbs of the evening. No – that award goes to the 45mm Dell’Orto beauties doing service in my Stepnose. My car is back in Cape Town and performing beautifully, after seven long years of trying to build my dream car.

It’s not finished yet (will it ever be?) but it’s at the point now where I can really enjoy the car. The throaty induction noise is the perfect soundtrack to a nighttime drive on quiet roads. With every mechanical gear change, I’m reminded of why classic cars are so special.

Perhaps the best thing about the Steppy is that it gets people to notice classics. Even if you’ve never been a fan of old cars in general, there’s no denying that the Stepnose is (1) sexy AF and (2) incredibly desirable.

I’m just thrilled to have my car back. I’m making an effort to drive it as much as possible. There’s nothing more depressing than just letting it sit in the garage.

One thing lockdown taught me is that you are never guaranteed of more time to make memories. Make them while you can.

Picture credit goes to the brilliant Jason Clifton.