In a world where adulting scores a one star rating at best, it’s nice to know that mountain passes still exist. It’s even tougher being a grown up in South Africa at the moment, where “load shedding” has become a way of life. Basically, this means we don’t have electricity for two hours every day.

The only positive element of load shedding is that it makes electric cars unattractive to buyers here.

The UK drove a stake through the hearts of petrolheads this week as they announced an intention to ban sales of new internal combustion engine cars by 2035. Weirdly, having finally achieved Brexit, their first act is to behave like Europeans.

The only way to deal with this reality is to do what we’ve always done – throw horsepower at our problems, accompanied by great friends (and sometimes a lurking SUV trying to enjoy the same lookout point as we are).

The ambient temperature on this fine day in Cape Town was so high that even the most ardent Greta-haters almost started to believe that she may have a point. Almost.

It did mean that only one brave soul brought a tin top classic on the run. His sweaty back and possibly sweaty other areas didn’t affect his smile after taking an Alfa GTV through the twisties.

Several among us decided that it was a perfect day to get the roadsters out…

Behold: a celebration of all things petrol!

(Thanks to Tiaan from Just Cars SA for snapping some great pics)