So it ends.

Many have wished away most of 2020, but we can at least see out this year safe in the knowledge that we gave it everything on track. With seven rounds making up the season this year, we only lost one regional.

That’s an incredible outcome under the circumstances and we can only give our thanks to the tireless efforts of the (very small) committee that keeps the karting lights on, along with the marshalls and officials that enable us to race.

As we prepare for the season finale, championship contenders will be struggling to contain their nerves. We usually focus on battles throughout the grid in the race preview, but in honour of those who have gotten the desired results this year, we will focus on the podium contenders only as we head into the weekend.

For the last time in 2020…let’s go racing!

Bambino (5th – 9th birthday)

It’s so great to see that the youngest class on the track has one of the best championship battles heading into this weekend.

All eyes will be on Aiden Beaumont and Kai van Rensburg (7Films), with Beaumont holding a 3 point lead over van Rensburg. These two are so talented and have put on a terrific show this year – we cannot wait to see who will emerge victorious!

The battle for the final step on the podium is equally exciting, as Sebastiano Human and Siyabonga Ntuli fight it out for P3. Human has the upper-hand at the moment, 4 points ahead of Ntuli. 

ROTAX Micro MAX (7th – 12th birthday)

Reese Koorzen (GMP Kosmic) has basically got this one wrapped up, going into the final race with an almighty 49-point lead over Joshua Smit (S&S Racing Kosmic). 

Smit will focus on defending P2, because he has Jordon Wadeley (EMR Kartsport CRG) snapping at his heels. Wadeley is only 11 points behind Smit but 35 points ahead of Keagan Beaumont (Strive Praga), which gives Wadeley breathing room to truly give it everything in his pursuit of Smit.

This class usually dishes up tight, fast racing and will be no different this weekend.

Mini ROK (8th – 13th birthday)

This class is also a dead rubber, as Ethan Lennon (FTW Tony Kart) holds a commanding 49-point lead over second placed racer and previous Bambino champion, Rayan Karriem (RK Racing / Outsourcing Solutions Tony Kart). 

Karriem will look to secure his P2 finish overall, which means he must keep William Marshall at bay (21 points behind him). Marshall may well be too focused on protecting P3 to really care about Karriem, as Jude Stuart (Tony Kart) is just 5 points behind Marshall in the standings.

The battle for the final podium spot is where the excitement will be in this class.

Mini MAX (9th – 14th birthday)

Reza Levy (EMR Kartsport CRG) is sitting pretty in this class, 35 points ahead of P2 man Ethan Deacon (Stier Racing CRG). We’ve seen some great racing between these two, especially in recent races as they have had to chase the rear bumper of Joaquin de Oliveira (Parolin).

De Oliveira missed two races entirely, which means he cannot drop one of them and scored three zeroes when his rivals scored over 100 points, yet he sits P3 in the championship. He’s won 12 out of the past 13 heats. 

He’s probably too far back to trouble Deacon in the Championship (32 point gap) but Joshua Smit (S&S Racing Kosmic) will need nothing short of a miracle to close a 7-point gap to de Oliveira for P3.

Junior MAX (12th – 16th birthday)

Kyle Visser (Charl Engineering Tony Kart) is very unlikely to be kicked off his throne here, leading the championship by 54 points from Andre Le Riche (Seleka Racing Kosmic). 

However, the family fight is going to be one for the books. Andre is only 12 points ahead of brother Kyle Le Riche (Seleka Racing Kosmic) who has had a strong run of form recently. Despite the potential destruction of their parents’ pension savings, these two will fight tooth and nail on Saturday.

Matthew Wadeley (EMR Kartsport CRG) is waiting in the wings, 25 points behind Kyle and theoretically able to capitalise on any craziness out in front. It’s likely that both Le Riche boys will be on the podium, but nothing is guaranteed.

Senior MAX (14th birthday +)

A DQ for Tate Bishop (ANGRi Jeep Kosmic) for a pit lane incident at the last race means that this class has been blown wide open. It won’t please Team Bishop, but it does please Team Spectator (if only we had anyone in that team).

The official scoring doesn’t reflect this situation yet, but we think that Bishop is leading the championship by 1 point because a couple of the rounds didn’t have enough starters. Jason Coetzee (EMR Kartsport CRG) is the man in P2 by our calculations, just 1 point behind Bishop.

A further 8 points back, we find Charl Visser (Charl Engineering Tony Kart), although the current championship standings show him in the lead.

It’s all a bit confusing, but either way the gaps are so small that literally anything could happy this year. Will Bishop run away with it? Will Coetzee continue his recent form? Can Visser close the gap?

Find out at Killarney on Saturday!

DD2 (15th birthday +) and DD2 Masters (32nd birthday + / 85kgs driver)

Sebastian Boyd (Boyd Boss Freight BirelART) is the South African DD2 champion and also looks set to secure the regional championship, but Jason Coetzee (CRG) is going to push him all the way for it. Boyd holds a lead of 50 points. 

P3 in DD2 is actually a battle of the Masters, who score in both classes. Conor Hughes (Natasha Hughes Tony Kart) is tied for points with Jason Greyling (Nigma Media CRG). Jared Jordan is 40 points adrift and Roy Gruer (Tony Kart) a further 10 points back.

When the Masters are scored separately, the benefit of winning races comes into play (35 points for a win vs. 32 points for P2) and Hughes finds himself with an eight point lead over Greyling. Gruer and Jordan are locked in an epic battle for P3, tied on points. 

Andrew Thomas (Carbs and Coffee Media / Blake Brothers CRG) is 12 points back from the P3 fight and Robert Peche (Carbs and Coffee Media CRG) is a further 6 points back. Depending on how crazy things get out front, both have a shot at the final podium spot in this great DD2 Masters midpack.


Bambino and Senior MAX offer the juiciest fights for overall victory. However, all the classes offer exciting podium rivalries that will play out this weekend, for the final time in 2020.

Mix your fuel. Start your engines. Unleash your inner racer and prepare yourself for the most gladiatorial form of motorsport in the country.

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Issued on behalf of Western Province Motor Club (WPMC)