Waking up for work can be tricky. Waking up to meet a unique collection of classics and modern classics for a breakfast run along the Cape Peninsula’s coastline is a lot easier.

As the warm berg wind blew across Cape Town, cars started arriving in Kalk Bay at the meeting point. Alfa Romeo, Porsche, MG, BMW…the list goes on.

As the sun’s first rays threw the horizon into brilliant shades of orange, we left Kalk Bay and headed towards Simon’s Town and Red Hill Road. The view from up there never gets old, just like our love for these cars.

Some of these are highly tuned sports cars. Others are project cars, waiting for the next step in their journey. The machines have two things in common – they are all iconic and they all have owners who love them and appreciate the things that truly make cars special.

Until next time…keep driving your dreams!