When appreciating a classic car’s lines, the setting is almost as important as the car itself. In much the same way that an historic racecar is best appreciated at the track, there is little doubt that a selection of classic Jaguars is most appealing on the leafy grounds of a grand old villa.

What about a selection of classic MGs basking in the sun? That works just fine, too.

As it turns out, the same is true for cult-favourite Lancias, muscular Mustangs and…New York Taxis?

The annual Classic Car and Bike Show offers all of the above and plenty more. The event is organised and hosted by Timour Hall Villa, an NPO and the Cape Town hospitality house of the International Police Association. The event is supported by more than 40 clubs and over 50 individuals.

The result? Endless chrome, metal and general happiness.

Perhaps the best part of all is that the cars on display definitely aren’t museum pieces. In many cases, the telltale signs of frequent use are easily spotted by the experienced eye. The owners are generally friendly and approachable, ready to share stories of their cars with keen listeners.

We love that. Classic cars should be driven and enjoyed so that others can enjoy them too.

Fans of two-wheeled machines were not disappointed either, with a huge variety of classic bikes on display. After all, who doesn’t love a classic Ducati?

2020 will see the 20th edition of this show and we cannot wait to return to the Plumstead forest to enjoy these machines. Bravo, Western Cape car and bike clubs!