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A Petrolhead of many Paths

By  •  4 months ago

I have been a petrolhead for as long as I can remember.

Some of my first memories as a child are about

View from the VisorMain CircuitColumns

Crushing the Cancer in SA Motorsport

By  •  4 months ago

Does any of this sound familiar?

“It’s not like it used to be.”
“In our day, it was all about fast cars

Q On CarsColumns

By the Sounds of It

By  •  5 months ago

When I was studying sound engineering and first heard of psychoacoustics, I had this picture in

Main CircuitThe Backseat MechanicColumns

Alfa and Omega | Racing a GT Junior

By  •  5 months ago

If there is one cringey quote that I’ve heard once too many times, it’s: “You can never truly call

The YoungtimerColumnsClassic

Save the manual? Save the car!

By  •  6 months ago

Among great memories of watching Disney movies, spending summer afternoons in the swimming pool

Catch My DriftColumns

Learning to Drive after Learning to Race

By  •  6 months ago

I recently graduated from learner driver to fully licensed driver. The hideous red “L for Love,